Historic cold wave in January 2024: Morocco on alert

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Weather warning in Morocco: an extraordinary cold wave in the future

In January 2024, Morocco will experience a spectacular cold wave. According to the analyzes of the European Organization for Multi-Year Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), the situation is addressed very seriously due to rare atmospheric phenomena: strong disturbances of stratospheric temperatures affect many Mediterranean countries.

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Phenomenology of stratospheric disturbances.

At high altitude near the North Pole, an unusual phenomenon occurs: a sudden warming of the stratosphere. This unexpected climate change creates a significant polar air current that causes an ice storm to spread that could affect Europe, North America and many states. Middle East.

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Direct implications for the sheriff’s government

Forecasts indicate that the consequences of this meteorological threat will spread over Moroccan territory from the beginning of January. A stream of cold air will move towards southern Europe and northwest Africa, causing a noticeable drop in the mercury. Casablanca II Mohammed Saïd Guerrouk, a respected climatologist at Hassan University, points out that although Europe will be affected, temperature fluctuations in Morocco will be particularly strong, leading to the formation of low temperature zones over Morocco.

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Warnings and precautions

The severity of this cold weather indicates a sharp drop in temperatures that may be accompanied by continued rainfall, increasing the risk of flooding and causing severe damage to local agriculture. The authorities emphasize the need to take adaptive measures in light of the upcoming event:

  • Protect yourself from the cold with suitable clothing
  • Limit your driving on very cold days
  • Strengthening family security in the face of predicted climate threats
  • Farmers are strongly encouraged to use plant protection mechanisms.

The resulting situation is similar to extreme cold waves already occurring on other continents and shows the extent of the impact that sudden warming in the stratosphere could have on the global climate. Morocco must therefore act cautiously and proactively.

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