Protect yourself effectively: the 6 best security systems to prevent burglaries

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Burglary Protection Guide: 6 Major Solutions

Insecurity regarding home invasions prompts you to react to preserve your home. Don’t wait until you’re confronted with the problem to take action. To secure your personal space, several modern and effective devices are available to you. Discover the six best options for strengthening the security of your home against burglary attempts.

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Intrusion warning systems

Installing an alert system proves to be an essential action for domestic protection. Several variations of this device are available:

  • The autonomous alarm, which is activated via detectors of changes in the environment or illicit openings at entry points, and produces an acoustic alarm to warn of an intrusion. Coordinated with a remote management system, it simplifies monitoring of your security devices.
  • The wired alarm deserves installation by an expert due to its wired connection between its components. Its added value: better reliability since it avoids any risk of interference.
  • The wireless alarm, emitting by radio waves, promises easy installation and flexible adaptation to changes in your needs, despite potential sensitivity to signal jamming or radio range limitations.

Why request a quote for the installation of an alarm?

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Video surveillance

Positioning CCTV cameras acts as a powerful inhibitor, continuously recording activity around your home. Here are the models:

  • IP cameras (Internet Protocol), which rely on a web connection to transmit images to a central management console, allow you to view what is happening in your home live.
  • Analog cameras, with a more modest cost, carry the visual via a coaxial cable to a viewing or recording device, although often with a lower resolution than IP cameras.

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Remote monitoring

The service of remote monitoring includes permanent monitoring of your property by a security company. Your alarm and camera system being connected to their control center, any attempted break-in triggers an alert with these service providers, who can then react and inform the authorities if necessary.

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Reinforcement of Entrances: The armored door

Choose one reinforced door is a deterrent measure, because it significantly complicates burglary by making forcing entry more laborious. Its construction includes a hardened door unit, complex security locks and, sometimes, high-performance insulation. To obtain a free estimate, consider requesting a quote from a professional installer.

Security roller shutters

The assembly of consolidated roller shutters offers significant protection against break-ins. They are equipped with anti-lifting and anti-drilling devices prohibiting any forced opening, thus adding an additional barrier against unwanted people, but also against noise and the cold.

Exterior lights with presence sensors

The adoption ofexterior lighting equipped with motion sensors has a deterrent effect on thieves, who often prefer darkness for their misdeeds. Activating these lights by motion detection can disorient the intruder while optimizing the quality of your camera recordings.

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