Welcome to the Monastery: Discover the cast and the broadcast date of the show on C8!

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New show “Welcome to the Monastery” on C8

The small screen is preparing to welcome an original concept with the next show “Bienvenue au Monastère” broadcast from January 12, 2024 on C8. A gallery of personalities will be confronted with a new environment for them, far from their hectic daily lives.

A peaceful setting for a unique challenge

This unusual adventure will take place in the heart of the Convent of Corbara, a place steeped in history nestled in Corsica. The selected participants will have to devote themselves to a quest for serenity by escaping the hustle and bustle of the outside world. For seven days, a life of silence and meditation awaits them within this respected religious community.

Famous participants in search of silence

  • Fabienne Carat
  • Clara Morgane
  • Delphine Wespiser
  • Simon Castaldi
  • Paul El Kharrat
  • Jean-Marc Généreux

These six celebrities will attempt to take up the challenge of monastic immersion by renouncing their public life for a time of contemplation. The seriousness of the exercise will lie in their ability to scrupulously respect the rules of the monastery, including silence. Will they be able to temper their desire to speak and strictly observe monastic discipline?

A spiritual immersion conducive to introspection

More than a simple challenge of silence, this stay is a real dive into interiority. Each participant will have the opportunity to reflect on their own existence, to delve into the soul and perhaps to awaken to facets of their personality that are still unknown. Moments of emotion are expected and everyone should leave this spiritual dive transformed.

Not to be missed on C8

Curious to see these personalities outside their natural element and evolve in the austere and collected setting of a monastery? So don’t miss the premiere of “Welcome to the Monastery” on January 12, 2024 at 9:15 p.m. This program, hosted by Alessandra Martines, promises to share with you a most captivating human and spiritual adventure.

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