Protect your home in Dordogne: advice to reduce the risk of burglary and fully enjoy Périgord

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Securing your Perigord home against break-ins: Practical guide

Burglary prevention experts from the structure dedicated to home protection recently shared their expertise during an event in La Coquille, aimed at elderly people, frequent targets of embezzlement. These meetings initiated by the Cassiopea organization highlighted essential strategies to thwart the plans of burglars.

Thwart malicious intrusions

In order to maintain the integrity of your home, it is crucial to make the task of criminals as complicated as possible. A proactive approach to securing the main access and other openings to your home is recommended. The installation of exterior lighting activated by motion detection and the systematic closing of shutters in the event of non-presence are recommended initial measures.

Precautions for protecting valuable assets

In terms of protecting valuable items such as jewelry and cash, storing them in a secure location such as an anchored safe is recommended. However, other inventive hiding alternatives can be considered provided you avoid obvious hiding places such as under mattresses or among household linens.

  • Installation of a sounding alarm system
  • Establishment of a detailed and photographic list of goods, accompanied by invoices

Advice in case of prolonged absence

To limit risks when traveling, measures such as the use of programmable sockets suggesting a human presence, regular collection of mail and non-disclosure of your periods of absence on social platforms are strongly suggested. In addition, notification to the gendarmerie services through the “Operation tranquility holidays” system is an additional asset for the surveillance of your residence.

Strengthen anonymity and discretion

Regarding your mailbox identifier, particular discretion is recommended: only indicate your last name so as not to reveal potential isolation to malicious people, who often target individuals living alone.

Stay informed and safe

To keep up with news related to home security and many other topics, consider subscribing to local news platforms that provide advice and regular updates to help you maintain a safe home in the beautiful region of Périgord.

By applying these recommendations and maintaining constant vigilance, you will strengthen the security of your home and peacefully enjoy the idyllic setting of the Dordogne.

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