Discover the Unmissable Space Events of the Year 2024 with the Astronomical and Space Calendar

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Calendar of Astronomy Highlights in 2024

Astronomy lovers, get ready for a starry spectacle throughout 2024! This guide invites you to explore the wonders of our universe with a detailed calendar of astronomical events. Make sure you don’t miss the wonders of the cosmos that are brewing.

January 2024 – Beautiful start with the Quadrantids

From the start of the year, don’t miss the Quadrantids phenomenon. For best viewing, look for the point of origin of meteors in the Bouvier constellation after sunset. With a little optimism, the sky will reward you with around 80 meteors per hour.

February 2024 – Lunar Ballet and Planetary Conjunctions

The Moon will dance near Venus at the start of the month, offering a resplendent duet in the evening sky. In addition, the New Moon promises you starry nights, while Jupiter will also move closer to our natural satellite.

March 2024 – Equinox and Lunar Shows

Mars brings the change of season with the equinox signaling the arrival of spring or fall, depending on your hemisphere. The dance continues between the Moon and the planets with interesting conjunctions, punctuated by a modest penumbral lunar eclipse.

April 2024 – Solar Eclipse and Comet Visibility

The celestial event of the month is undoubtedly the total solar eclipse, a rare occasion not to be missed if you find yourself in its path. Keep your eyes peeled for Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks which should light up the sky with its brilliance.

May 2024 – Meteor Showers and Occultations

The Eta Aquarids spectacle will culminate in the full New Moon. Occultations of Mars and Saturn by the Moon will also spice up the astral picture.

June 2024 – Solstice and Saturnian Moon

The solstice officially kicks off summer or winter. The Moon will meet Saturn for an occultation visible from certain regions of the world.

July 2024 – Meteor Shower and Planetary Rendezvous

Be on the lookout for the peak of the Southern Delta Aquarids, although the brightness of the Moon will make observation somewhat tricky. Mars and Mercury will also make a close approach at the end of the month.

August 2024 – The Perseids and a Super Moon

The Perseids promise an abundance of meteors, while the Full Moon will be exceptionally large and bright, a phenomenon known as the Super Moon.

September 2024 – Equinox and Lights of Saturn

The seasonal transition will be manifested by a new equinox. Saturn, then in opposition, will shine brilliantly, even incurring occultation by our Moon.

October 2024 – Ring of Fire and Planetary Encounters

Another eclipse, this time annular, will transform the Sun into a striking ring of light for a privileged few. The Moon will offer plenty of moments to share, getting closer to various companions in the solar system.

November 2024 – Star Showers and the Opposition of Uranus

The Leonids will attempt to pierce the glow of the Full Moon to deliver a shower of meteors to those who know where to look. Uranus will also be in opposition, requiring special attention.

December 2024 – Winter Solstice and Luminous Geminids

The end of the year is marked by the winter solstice and a swarm of Geminids, partly spoiled by the lunar brightness. Mercury in turn announces itself at its greatest elongation, closing the year on a celestial note.

How Not to Miss These Shows?

Check out the “Sky Tonight” and “Star Walk” astronomy apps for accurate calendars and notifications about key events. Follow us on social media and discover our exciting infographics to enrich your star-studded evenings.

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