Reunion Island on alert: prepare to be self-sufficient in the face of an intense tropical cyclone

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Reunion Island facing an imminent cyclone: ​​emergency measures in force

With the imminent approach of an intense tropical cyclone expected for the night from Sunday to Monday, Reunion has been put on pre-alert since Friday. Faced with this very intense meteorological phenomenon, the State representative on the island launched a call for vigilance.

Storm Belal gains intensity

The prefecture’s announcement this Saturday confirms that the tropical depression located approximately a thousand kilometers away is now evolving into a storm named Belal. According to Météo France forecasts, this storm, in the strengthening phase, should reach its shortest radius from Reunion Island between the end of tonight and Monday.

Precautions and official recommendations

The warning reiterated by Jérôme Filippini, prefect of Reunion Island, underlines the seriousness of the situation and encourages the island’s approximately 870,000 residents to prepare a strategy of temporary self-sufficiency. Residents must stock up on water and food supplies, equip themselves with a first aid kit and immediately determine a safe place to take refuge as soon as the cyclone begins.

Alert level and potential consequences

The orange state of alert, which constitutes the second stage of a four-phase protocol, has been declared. This warning indicates potential danger for the island in the next 24 hours. Météo France warns of gusts that could exceed 150 km/h on the reliefs and does not rule out a direct impact. Winds that can approach 220 km/h on the plains and reach up to 250 km/h at altitude, accompanied by waves exceeding six meters and heavy precipitation, are among the risks mentioned.

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Safety instructions to observe

  • Stock up on drinking water and food
  • Equip yourself with a first aid kit
  • Identify a safe shelter in advance
  • Stay informed via weather reports
  • Provide emergency lighting (lamps, candles)
  • Prepare a plan in case of evacuation

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