What was this survivalist from Gard really hiding to have been arrested by the GIGN with 56 explosive objects in his home? Discover the incredible story!

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An Arrest in the Heart of Gard: Decryption of an Assault against an Armed Survivalist

Context of the Interpellation

This Monday, a reclusive individual, described as paranoid and having opted for an isolated existence, was arrested by the competent authorities. The man was in such psychological distress that a legal summons was deemed unsuitable, thus requiring emergency hospitalization.

A trapped house

At around 50 years old, a supporter of autarchy and a connoisseur of survival tactics, this man was captured on his land in Carnas by the gendarmerie forces. A careful search of the home revealed the presence of 56 homemade explosive devices scattered around the premises.

Who is the individual arrested?

The image that emerges of this citizen is that of a man captivated by armaments, convinced of the imminence of planetary chaos. According to information provided by the Alès prosecutor in a media outlet, the man led a marginal life, maintaining few links with the outside world. However, he maintained relations with his parents.

Comments from his neighbors highlight the profile of a “nice but special” man, having suffered mockery within his locality.

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History with Justice

The year 2022 was not the first interaction with authorities for this man. The mayor, alarmed by his potentially threatening behavior, had already reported his activities. GIGN forces had already seized explosive components from his home, but for health reasons, he was spared legal proceedings and was hospitalized before being declared criminally not responsible.

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The Progress of the Security Operation

This week’s security intervention has once again sparked public interest, with a scenario similar to the previous incident. The gendarmerie elements acted with discretion, supported by GIGN detachments. The strategy adopted aimed to prevent any reckless acts linked to the psychological instability of the individual.

The capture took place outside his home, followed by pre-trial detention quickly interrupted due to inconsistent statements. The man was subsequently placed in a psychiatric institution.

Arsenal Inventory and Security Measures

During the operation, significant work was accomplished to neutralize the threats present in the home. The perimeter included booby traps at the entrance and internal accesses, with various explosives detected on the main accesses.

The report includes 25 booby-trapped devices, including 11 operational, and a total of 56 explosive devices, marking a clear technical evolution compared to the seizures previously made.

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