Shock in Japan: 7.5 magnitude earthquake triggers tsunami alert in several prefectures

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Major earthquake shakes Japan, prompting tsunami warnings

Seismology in Japan: A powerful tremor recorded

The center of the Japanese archipelago was shaken by a violent earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 7.5. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported the seismic event on Monday, January 1. In the process, Japan put in place tsunami warning systems, the most impacted area being around the Ishikawa department, located near the epicenter of this tectonic shock. The map released by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) reveals the scale and precise location of the emergency. Even the capital Tokyo felt the seismic waves, as reported by a Radio France journalist. The JMA also recorded a total of 21 smaller tremors, all of which exceeded magnitude 4.

Devastating potential of tsunamis: Alert on the north coast

The northern coasts of central Japan could face dangerous and high waves, reaching up to 5 meters, according to joint forecasts from Japanese and US seismic agencies. Wajima, a port city located on the Noto Peninsula, has already recorded the arrival of waves measuring 1.2 meters, according to information issued by the JMA.

Mobilization of residents towards safer places

Government alerts are widely relayed by the media, encouraging the population to move to higher elevations without delay. The precautionary instructions issued by the NHK channel are clear: favor the safety of lives to the detriment of material goods.

Immediate consequences of the earthquake: Power cuts and road closures

  • Around 33,500 homes are currently without electricity, according to energy companies.
  • Nuclear infrastructure, including the Shika nuclear power plant, has so far not recorded any serious malfunctions, according to authorities’ statements.
  • Highways near the epicenter were closed to traffic, by order of the Japanese transport services.

Tsunami warnings were issued after an earthquake in central Japan on January 1, 2024. (JAPANESE METEOROLOGICAL AGENCY)
Tsunami alert declared following an earthquake in the heart of Japan on January 1, 2024. (JAPANESE METEOROLOGICAL AGENCY)

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