The historic cold wave of January 2024: Morocco on weather alert

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Weather Alert in Morocco: An Exceptional Cold Wave in Perspective

Morocco is about to experience a period of spectacular cold in January 2024. According to analyzes by the European Multi-year Weather Forecasting Organization (ECMWF), the situation is being taken very seriously in due to rare atmospheric events: a notable disturbance in stratospheric temperature is expected to affect various countries in the Mediterranean basin.

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Phenomenology of Stratospheric Disturbance

At a considerable altitude, near the North Pole, an unusual phenomenon is taking shape: sudden stratospheric warming. This unexpected climatic turnaround causes the emergence of a polar air flow of considerable magnitude, resulting in the propagation of an icy storm capable of affecting four corners of Europe, North America and various States. from the Middle-East.

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Direct Consequences for the Sherifian Kingdom

Forecasts indicate that the impacts of this meteorological hazard will spread across Moroccan territory from the beginning of January. A surge of cold air will advance towards southern Europe and northwest Africa, causing a marked drop in mercury. Mohammed Saïd Guerrouk, eminent climate expert from Hassan II University in Casablanca, points out that although Europe will be affected, Moroccan thermal fluctuations will be particularly acute, inducing the creation of pockets of low temperature above Morocco.

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Warnings and Precautionary Advice

The severity of this cold wave suggests drastic temperature reductions, possibly accompanied by relentless precipitation, thus raising the threat of flooding and significant damage to local agriculture. The authorities emphasize the need to take adaptive measures in the face of the impending event:

  • Protect yourself from the cold with adequate clothing
  • Limit travel at times of extreme low temperature
  • Strengthening the security of homes in the face of expected climatic hazards
  • For growers, the implementation of crop protection mechanisms is strongly recommended

The emerging situation is comparable to waves of extreme cold that have already occurred on other continents, demonstrating the extent of the repercussions that sudden stratospheric warming phenomena can have on the global climate. Morocco, thus warned, must act with all the vigilance and preparation required.

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