Nostradamus forecasts for 2024: What impact on climate and politics?

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Nostradamus’ visionary anticipations for the year 2024

The 16th century French visionary Nostradamus, known for his dire predictions and his “Prophecies” published in 1555, surprised the world with the precision of some of his visions. Born in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in 1503, Michel de Nostredame left a legacy of which approximately seven out of ten of his quatrains would have found resonance in historical events, according to specialists.

Despite predictions exceeding expectations on several occasions, the exegesis of his quatrains remains a subject of lively debate, with notable errors such as the wrong date announced for the apocalypse or the non-arrival of the antichrist in 2023. Nevertheless , the predictions regarding the emergence of artificial intelligence and the considerable inflation of the previous year were impressive. With caution and reserve, let us look towards the year 2024 based on the writings of this enigmatic prophet.

Conjectures about global crises and political controversies

Concerning 2024, Nostradamus would bring major vaticinations on the geopolitical level. One of them, expressed in enigmatic terms, could suggest a large-scale conflict involving China, a source of fear for the Pacific and possibly generating fighting, particularly at sea. Tensions could also shake French soil with riots in cities such as Lyon, Marseille and Grenoble, fueled by community discord.

The upheavals would not stop at France’s borders, with a prediction calling for a royal shake-up in the United Kingdom, where the sovereign could be deposed by surprise, paving the way for a less conventional figure, such as Prince Harry. In Rome, Saint Peter’s Square could bear witness to the end of Francis’ pontificate and the election of a successor with an unexpected profile, potentially from another continent.

Dramatic climatic and social events

Meteorology and humanitarian crises could be marked by extreme events if the prophecies of Nostradamus materialize in this year 2024. Major floods could dry up the land, and severe famines are mentioned, with specific focuses on regions such as the sea Black.

  • Projections of extreme weather conditions – Increased flooding and drought.
  • Indications of Humanitarian Calamity – Threat of major famine affecting specific areas.

A major tectonic cataclysm is also predicted for California, primarily affecting Los Angeles. This assumption designates a precise date for the earthquake, the “20th day of Taurus”, corresponding to around May 20, which could see the symbols of Hollywood collapse.

Date Event
May 20, 2024 Prediction of a major earthquake in Los Angeles.

While Nostradamus’ prognostications have often been subject to divergent interpretations, it is advisable to view them with a certain distance. At the end of 2024, an assessment of these omens will be timely, let us hope that the darkest of them will not come true, for the good of all.

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