Flu outbreak across the country, signs of improvement for bronchiolitis: the latest health trends

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Accelerated spread of influenza while a glimmer of hope emerges for bronchiolitis

As the cold of winter intensifies, the nation’s public health is challenged by a notable upsurge in seasonal influenza. According to the latest Public Health France bulletin published recently, the epidemic is gaining strength throughout France.

The rapid increase in influenza in mainland France

  • Geographic progression of the epidemic: Four additional zones cross the critical threshold and join the South-East region already in a state of epidemic alert.
  • Worrying status: Apart from three even less affected regions, the majority of France is in the pre-epidemic phase, anticipation of an epidemic wave is imperative.

Encouraging signs for bronchiolitis

  • Declining trend: The volume of emergency admissions linked to this respiratory infection in young children under the age of two, which had reached its peak at the start of the month, is showing a decline.
  • Quantified results: Last week, a significant decrease in emergency room visits for bronchiolitis was recorded, marking an unexpected decline of more than a thousand cases compared to the previous week.

In this period when vigilance is required, it is notable to see that the dominance of the flu epidemic is strengthening in all age groups. The increase in cases is reflected in hospital activity, with an increase in emergency room visits and hospitalizations. A worrying observation, especially since the flu vaccination campaign had sounded the alarm about a lower participation of seniors compared to the previous year.

Stability of Covid-19 in the background

The specter of Covid-19 with a new variant is not far behind, even if a certain stabilization of the latter is observed both in terms of figures for community medicine and in hospitals. Nevertheless, bronchiolitis seems to be losing ground, although the situation remains under close surveillance.

This dynamic of seasonal illnesses poses a major challenge for the health system, which must juggle increased vigilance for the flu and the emerging lull in bronchiolitis in toddlers.

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