How to protect your home against burglaries: the right reflexes to adopt!

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Preventive Measures Against Intrusions

Strengthen Entry Points

To reduce the risk of intrusions, make sure that entrance doors have solid locks and a peephole or camera. Devices such as heavy-duty shutters, timed lighting systems, motion detectors and approved alarms are highly recommended. It is wise to seek the advice of a security specialist.

Maintain Constant Attention

Keep doors locked even when you are at home. Pay close attention to all openings and avoid leaving keys in glass door locks. Never allow strangers to be alone in a room in your home, and store valuables such as jewelry, credit cards, purses and car keys safely out of sight of windows.

Avoid Risky Behaviors

Do not leave any personal information on your set of keys. Never hide your keys in predictable places like under a doormat or in a mailbox. Instead, entrust them to someone you trust. At night and during the summer, take care to close your windows, especially those facing outside. Avoid leaving tools or ladders outside that could facilitate a burglary.

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Protocols Before Extended Departures

Inform trusted people around you of your absence and consider informing the local authorities using Operation Tranquility Holidays for enhanced surveillance of your home during your absences.

In the event of a break-in

Report the burglary immediately to law enforcement without compromising your safety. While waiting for the police or gendarmes to arrive, do not touch anything and preserve the clues.

Post-Break-In Actions

After the authorities have found it, file an opposition for the stolen means of payment. Modify compromised locks and prepare evidence of the theft for filing a complaint and reporting to your insurance.
To save time, the online pre-complaint is available
Report all stolen items to your insurance within two working days after the theft.

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