Swine flu in UK: first human case reported

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Health alert: Human infection with H1N2 swine flu virus in the United Kingdom

An individual in the United Kingdom contracted the influenza A(H1N2)v virus – a strain distant from that which caused the health crisis in 2009. According to announcements issued by the UKHSA, this case, unprecedented in the country, was identified as part of regular health monitoring.

The infected person experienced minor symptoms and has since fully recovered from their flu-like illness. As for the origin of the virus, it remains unexplained to this day and is the subject of in-depth investigations, as highlighted by the British health authority.

Investigation and prevention: Measures taken in response to this discovery

The UKHSA is currently in the process of identifying all individuals who have been in close contact with the infected patient to limit any risk of spread. Ms. Meera Chand, Response Manager at UKHSA, communicated on this subject on the stages of the rapid response deployed by the health authorities.

It has been identified that the H1N2 virus is commonly present in pigs and can occasionally contaminate humans, mainly through direct or indirect contact with infected animals or areas polluted by the virus.

International context of H1N2 influenza

Worldwide, around fifty similar infections have been recorded since 2005. Here are the key data concerning these cases:

  • Total number of cases since 2005: Around 50
  • Transmission: Contact with pigs or contaminated environment
  • Health monitoring: Continuous monitoring to avoid transmission

Additional details on epidemiology and prevention measures are being developed by UK health authorities and will be updated based on progress in the ongoing investigation.

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